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things i can’t imagine:

  • someone having a crush on me
  • someone thinking about me during random times of the day
  • someone getting butterflies by thinking of me or talking to me
  • someone wanting to talk to me but doesn’t, thinking they’ll annoy me
  • someone thinking i’m genuinely cute and wanting to kiss me
  • someone wanting to date me
  • someone falling in love with me
  • someone
  • having
  • a
  • crush
  • on
  • me

screw this i'm making my own awards show

  • Best Vocalist:

    Tyler Joseph

  • Best Live Band:

    twenty one pilots

  • Best Breakthrough Band:

    twenty one pilots

  • Best Creative Director:

    Mark Eshleman

  • Best Band from Ohio:

    twenty one pilots

  • Best Pianist:

    Tyler Joseph

  • Best Ukulele Player:

    Tyler Joseph

  • Best Drummer:

    Josh Dun

  • Most Dedicated Fans:

    The Skeleton Clique

  • Song of the Year:

    Every twenty one pilots song

  • Album of the Year:


  • Artist of the Year:

    twenty one pilots

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